Saturday, May 01, 2010

Wellspring News and Job News

Since Easter we have seen our weekly attendance increase to above what we were averaging before Easter! We continue to see new guests each week. Our volunteer teams continue to grow. We are likely going to divide our kids area up because we continue to see growth there. We would ask you to pray for our summer. It is setting to be a crucial time in our growth as a church as we reach this area. We are planning some big events for this summer, we will post more details soon.

Shortly after moving here Eric was connected to a guy in our church who is a home builder. His company is R.S. Parker Homes For the last few weeks he has been working as an assistant to the real estate agents for this builder. During the first two weeks of May Eric will be taking classes to become an agent for this company. Please pray for him as he takes these classes.

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